Disc Thickener – AKSE

AKSE is a hydrostatic disc thickener to thicken different suspensions. In general, we can offer you different product types for different application fields. For instance: the AKSE F can be used for thickening of fibrous suspensions such as chemical, mechanical pulp and waste paper and fine rejects. The AKSE S is used for thickening of sludges and fine rejects by adding a flocculant.

Generally, economic as well as ecological demands mark an efficient dewatering of fiber or sludge a crucial process step.

Depending on the customer demands, Bellmer offers a combination of dewatering systems including both AKSE disc thickener and AKUPRESS screw press. Here we build on the experiences gained from more than 400 AKSE disc thickeners sold and delivered.


  • Efficient design easy to maintain
  • Hydrostatic dewatering, no downpipes
  • Simple control from inlet level
  • Closed system
  • Possible add-on of suction connection
  • Easy to install


At the beginning, the material enters between two discs which are rotating on a shaft. The hydrostatic dewatering process starts when the material drains through the mesh of the discs into the vat. At the end of the process, the discharge of the thickened medium is on the opposite side of the rotating discs.

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