Screw press – AKUPRESS AL & BX

We offer different product solutions for the wet digestion processes depending on the specific customer application. In the field of biogas, the AKUPRESS AL is used for the separation of digester output from wet digestion. The AKUPRESS AL screw press allows a simple and low-cost dewatering/separation process. The pressure of the screw press results from the double-thread screw with adjusted flight heights and special spiral design. Counter pressure is adjusted through throttling and here lamella can be set pneumatically. The screw speed can be adjusted by a frequency converter. Furthermore, our screw press AL is available in three different sizes with screw diameters of 200, 315 and 500 mm.

Additionally, we offer the AKUPRESS BX LL Ls for dewatering of finely structured materials. The ,X’ identifier represents our special patented throttling system used on all presses of this line. The small letter „s“ stands for an integrated sedimentation phase, designed to further clean the press water and realized in a screw press for the first time. The pressure of the screw press results from the conical screw with adjusted flight heights. Throttling by hydraulically adjustable screen basket, adjustable plug length, controlled torque. Our screw press AKUPRESS BX LL LS is available with different screw diameters of 400; 625; 800 and 1,000 mm.


  • Efficient and simple design
  • Easy maintenance
  • Special Flanged screw
  • Interchangeable screen basket system
  • Optimized wear protection
  • Closed system

Market Leader

With about ten different AKUPRESS lines we cover a broad range of different screw press applications. We are the leader in the field of screw presses for the dewatering of structured residues, fibrous stocks and sludge. Here we build on the experiences gained from more than 700 AKUPRESS screw presses sold and delivered. In addition to the individual components we supply a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment. This includes complete turnkey systems together with all relevant process control technology conveying systems and catwalks. Generally, our screw press has a long service lifetime and easy maintenance due to armoured screw spiral, flanged screw or split screen baskets. In addition, our screw presses have low energy consumption and operation cost. In short, our screw press shows maximal system performance.

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