Separation and Dewatering of waste

Separation and dewatering of suspensions are important process stages when treating waste and digester output. Within our overall waste management concept, we divide waste streams into separate streams in an optimal mode for the waste treatment plants. Here, we also supply complete systems for sortation and dewatering of waste streams. Over the years we gained different experience from various applications about the separation and dewatering of waste. We are aware that different applications need specific product solutions and requirements. Therefore, we advise different concepts and machines for you, depending on your waste dewatering application. Take a look at some example applications which we successfully applied in the past. Use this valuable knowledge for your benefit.

Take a look at our screw press for separating and dewatering of waste.


  • Dewatering of residues from ‘swim-sink’ separation
  • Depacking of outdated foodstuffs
  • Dewatering of trash from waste pulper
  • Pre-treatment of renewable fuels
  • Dewatering in percolation processes
  • Separation of bio waste

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