Specialty Paper

The main features of your products are particular properties for which partly internationally standardized quality measuring methods do not even exist. With significant expertise and a fine fingertip feel, we precisely adapt our successful product series to your requirements, starting from the headbox, via press section, via dryer section up to the reeling.

For example, we have applied our circular distributor TurboCircler for the optimal production of deep-bed filters with an extreme share of diatomite for blood filtration. Or there is our former tool TurboFlower for perfect sheet formation, also in multi-layer designs. Or our top wire unit Winkelformer for an equal production of punch cards. Or our whitewater filtration unit TurboDrain Recovery TDR which can efficiently remove loading material and electrically conductive impurities from the whitewater of electrical pressboard production. Or a draw press for automatic transfer at the reeling station TurboReeler, also for papers above 500 g/m2.

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Our specialists are looking forward to taking on your new specialty paper project.
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