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Gebr. Bellmer GmbH Maschinenfabrik, Niefern-Öschelbronn
Bellmer GapCon GmbH
Bellmer KUFFERATH Machinery, Düren
LANG-HAFNER, Eschborn & Apfeltrach
Bellmer China, Shanghai
Bellmer Iberica Machinery S.L., Tolosa & Valladolid
Bellmer Vaahto Paper Machinery Oy, Hollola & Tampere
SOLIS Projects bv, Benelux
Bellmer Management
Made in Germany
Bellmer works # 3 completed
Process of building works 3
Herausforderungen reizen uns mehr als Standardisierungen
Felixton Mill unpacks New Diluton Headbox
TurboDrain Green in operation at Lublin treatment plant
The Bellmer GapCon expert team for winder rebuilds and new machines
Fruit juice production with Bellmer has a good reputation in Turkey
Six WinklePresses for the SCG Group, Thailand
Bellmer Paper Days 2015
Bellmer acquires GapCon
Modernisierung der Streichanlage in Spremberg
Goal achieved: Successful rebuild of PM 1 at Hamburger Rieger, Spremberg
Four dewatering technology installations for Cape Town
Quality for food includes cooking and baking
Another decor paper machine with AKUFORM RX dandy roll system
Bellmer CUP 2015 – another great success!
We love manufacturing – rolls made in Germany
Bellmer VAAHTO awarded major rebuild of Kotkamills PM 2 in Finland
Saving operating costs reliably with demanding sludges
Highest dry solids contents with Bellmer Kufferath at Khanna Paper
TurboDrain Green for Bad Salzuflen
UMKA cardboard factory saves energy costs after hood rebuild
New series: We love manufacturing!
Move and modernize project for Dunapak Dentaş in Turkey
Felix Schoeller saves energy costs with the help of Lang-Hafner
News Archiv
Top quality fruit and vegetable juices courtesy of the WinklePress WPX
Continuing education & training at the Bellmer Academy
TURBOSeries - the new paper and board machine line from Bellmer
PM 5 rebuild at Papelera de la Alquería, Spain
New mobile WinklePress for South Africa
Spanish specialists unite with German machine builder
Bellmer for Mondi Syktyvkar: BM 21 for white top kraftliner successfully commissioned
Bellmer success at IFAT ENTSORGA 2010 exhibition
Bellmer acquires Kufferath machine building division
Largest Bellmer white water cleaning plant: A further 4 TurboDrains TDR for Technocell Dekor
Bellmer supplies paper machine for Glatz in Vietnam
New paper machine for Königstein
Production enhanced in Felixton 'Mondis best rebuild in South Africa
LANG-HAFNER safes energy for Mitsubishi paper mill in Bielefeld
Efficient and versatile: TurboDrain thickens everything
11 more WinklePresses for Shaanxi Tongda
Kolb paper mill builds new line: Bellmer supplies in cooperation with LANG-HAFNER
The new WinklePress proves superior to centrifuge
Bellmer takes over companies Lang-Regler and Hafner: Enlargement of production programme by air & st
Federal Republic of Germany´s Order of Merit for our senior president
2 HT-Stoffaufläufe für Chenming
1 BELLMER WinklePress for 15 sewage treatment plants
Freshly pressed apple juice by VOM FASS
GRÜNPERGA Papier GmbH Modifi cation of air technology on PM 6 - A real challenge
Delegation at Bellmer
Solid, premium quality paperboard from the Ore Mountains
Quality improvement at Carl Macher, Brunnenthal
On-site in Spain: Bellmer Ibérica increases scope with foundation of Bellmer Ibérica Air Systems
WinklePress replaces previous press
Bellmer Ibérica modernizes PM 2 at Empacor S.A., Colombia
Ground-breaking ceremony for plant 3
Dewatering of sludges from drinking water purification
Patagoniafresh prepares for the future
The new WinklePress Green IFAT ENTSORGA 2012 – a complete success
Bellmer at Schweighofer Fiber GmbH in Hallein: Hydraulic headbox and shoe press
New turn-key Cascade for EUROPAC, France – working well
Paper Machine Crosses the Globe
Bellmer acquires the project business of Vaahto Paper Technology in Finland
Latest shoe press technology for Lee & Man in China: Bellmer supplies four TURBOPresses
12. BELLMER Cup - another footballing success!
170 Jahre Bellmer
Modernization program in Schwarzenberg
BELLMER Paper Days and impressions of Bellmer’s new Works #3
Bellmer: Where after the project is before the (next) project
TurboDrain Basic Economic thickening for low-quantity throughputs
Kübler & Niethammer: BELLMER modernizes paper machine
Koehler orders hydraulic TURBOBladeJetter from Bellmer
Stora Enso in Maxau believes in Bellmer technology
TurboDrain Green supports sustainable production at Leiber GmbH
The new TurboDrain Green Savings are guarantee!
Bellmer Cup 2013
Asia Paper swears on Bellmer Vaahto Dilution water technology for headboxes
Better paper with the TURBOShaker
The Bellmer Cascade reduces disposal costs at UMP Plattling
River restoration in China with Bellmer technology
Successful startup at Kübler & Niethammer: Bellmer rebuilds paper machine
Bellmer supports church concerts in Niefern
Conversion to Dissolving Pulp
SPEEDY START for Bellmer Vaahto
Always be on the safe side! - Bellmer offers full roll service
New Bellmer VAAHTO Headbox and TopFormer for Nine Dragons
Bellmer Vaahto performs rebuild for Union Paper Mills, U.A.E.
High dry content and energy-efficient operation: 3 TURBOPresses for Asia Paper
Paper machine modernisation
Hohes energetisches Potential
Shoe press TURBOPress for Licancel, Chile
Weihnachtsoratorium verbreitet festliche Stimmung
Mondi Paper Machine 21, Syktyvkar, Russia
Rebuild of dryer section at Erfurt & Son, Wuppertal: Bellmer supplies 70 new rolls
Bellmer Ibérica: successful performance in South America
Special Report: SIZED RIGHT
Ceres Fruit Processors believe in Bellmer
LANG-HAFNER presents new electronically-controlled condensate pick-up stations
Bellmer refurbishes PM 2
Specified recovered fuel on basis waste paper reject
Ressourcenschonende Schlammeindickung
Wroclaw gets fit for the European Football
Glanzlichter der Wirtschaft
Plenty of news from the East Cooperation of Bellmer and FlowTec in Eastern Europe
TURBOReeler proves itself in tissue production: New reeling technology for Metsä Tissue
Bellmer plant # 3 starts to take shape
Girls´ Day at Bellmer
New: WinklePress Green – even higher dry solid contents!
Modernisation of paper machine at Julius Schulte Trebsen
Buchmann Azubis zu Gast bei Bellmer
Everything is fine as long as there is no standstill - High flexibility underpins the success of Bel
Sludge-Symposium 2013: new mobile WinklePress test train bodes well for the future
Aston Manor Cider trusts in Bellmer technology
Granor Passi orders WinklePress WPX
Quality Made in Germany: Successful works acceptance by EMG, Mexico
BillerudKorsnäs selects Bellmer VAAHTO headbox for PM4 in Gävle
Kill two birds with one stone: Clarification and excess sludge thickening combined in one
Energy saving in sewage treatment plants
The journey of a paper machine:
Bellmer plant # 3 approaches the finish line
Efficient production with the TURBOFilmSizer
‚We are looking to the future with confidence!’
Bellmer at ZELLCHEMING 2013
Bellmer donates for flooding victims in Trebsen
BELLMER PaperDays 2012: Spannende Vorträge und Einblicke in das neue Bellmer Werk 3
Paper Industry = “green industry”?
Cider company Kuhn again trusts in the Bellmer technology
Modern sludge dewatering technology with the WPN-I 3 in the industrial estate “Schwarze Pumpe” in ea
Large-scale rebuild at packaging specialist Grupo Gondi, Mexico
Four WinklePresses WPN-G for Waterval in Johannesburg
Festive christmas concert in Niefern-Öschelbronn
Article Paper Middeleast: Bellmer Vaahto performs rebuild for Union Paper Mills, U.A.E.
Installation of a coater at PM 1 of Spremberg mill
Bellmer Cup 2014 - When football becomes a festival
As good as new: Modernization of 4 WinklePresses by Herbst Umwelttechnik
Reduce your dewatering costs – authentic results with the new WinklePress test unit
Smurfit Kappa, Mexico: Successful start-up of headbox TURBOBladeJetter
One year Bellmer Vaahto Paper Machinery Oy – factor of success
BELLMER-Cup 2015
Successful Paper Days in Chile and Colombia
Future-oriented sludge treatment at Alfeld’s sewage plant
Bellmer Gesundheitstag – ein voller Erfolg!
Aviretta modernizes PM 4 in Ettringen
Bellmer Kufferath installs sludge dewatering system in Peru - Successful start-up at Trupal
Gartow: “We save operating costs with the WinklePress!”
Bellmer WinklePress Green for Modern Karton, Turkey
Successful startup at NorPaper Avot Vallée: “German press” improves paper quality
Anspruchsvolle Kirchenmusik in feierlichem Rahmen
New press section with increased capacity
Bellmer modernises PM3 for leading South African packaging manufacturer, Mpact
Bellmer - An Experienced Paper Specialist
Bellmer Vaahto Ja Valmet
Kotkamills Oy to manufacture high-quality folding boxboard and barrier board
A feast for music lovers
Sunshine Paper relies on Bellmer Kufferath Machine
16 Bellmer WinklePresses for Washington, D.C.
Mayak-Technocell relies on the TurboDrain TDR for white water filtration
Improved board quality at Pankaboard, Finland Retrofitted dilution technology on BM 3
Successful start-up of the TURBOFilmSizer at Cartulinas CMPC, Valdivia
Another WinklePress for Erft Water Authority
New: Bellmer JetCoater for Spremberg
Another WinklePress for Velsen, Netherlands
Optimum paper roll for Iggesund, Sweden
Felix Schoeller: Further growth with special papers
Successful drying section rebuild at Stora Enso Ingerois
Bellmer at China International Paper
The qualified dual training system
Stainless steel pickling for you!
Top Service for DS Smith, France: New frame parts for CM 2
Smart saver and all-rounder - the TurboDrain Green’s flexibility proves convincing
Bellmer TURBOShaker - order in Japan
Mpact Paper Mill brochure 2014
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