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Fibreboard: Protection Against Sound and Fire
In order to form gypsum, mineral fibres or even more exotic raw materials like leather fibres and to make equal fibreboards / plates out of them, one needs a lot of patience and highest precision performance. Above all, patience is needed due to the minimum speeds of just a few meters per minute. This kind of production requires very specific attention regarding the flow conditions, already starting at an early machine stage like the piping system or the headboxes. Very often, the treatment takes several hours from the entry of the raw material into the forming process up to the finished product
Precision is the next major factor since - in addition to decorative use or use in the fields of insulation or lining - the products of such plants are applied for safety-related ranges like fire fighting, fire protection or sound insulation. There, nobody is ready to run any risk.
Here, for example, we have supported one of our customers regarding the development of a multi-layer design to lower the production costs. Or, at another customers site we have achieved very good CD profiles by retrofitting the existing fibre plant with our circular distributor TURBOCircler (former EQUALCircler).
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