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Decor Papers and Impregnated Papers
Decor Papers and Impregnated Papers
The headboxes of the TURBOSerie (former EQUALSerie) are designed in specific adaptation to the dewatering system of the wire section for fine papers so that optimum formation and equal-sidedness in addition to the reproducible and excellent CD profiles comply with the high quality standard.
Press sections are optimized not only regarding high availability but also and in particular regarding surface requirements of the subsequent processing. Dryer sections are designed according to the raw materials used, reaching from high quality wood-free pulp fibres up to rags; they are provided with sensitively controllable dry curves. Thus ensured paper quality is efficiently reeled with the TURBOReeler (former EQUALReeler) without any creases or reeling flaws.
We take pride in the fact that Bellmer tools form part of the production plants of the five most important décor paper manufacturers in the world. If it is about standard décor papers as they are used for mass-produced furniture or for highly challenging edge type products or pre-impregnated types, we know about the very abrasive effect of TiO2 which we take into consideration as early as during projecting and planning stage of our products.
For fast change of grades due to small batch production, we developed the TurboDrain Recovery TDR . By means of that compact filtration tool, white water cycles can be shortened in a way that most efficient changes of grades even for coloured production become reality.
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