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The main features of your products are the properties concerning tear strength in order to ensure that the goods packed in your papers reach the end consumer in proper quality. With great expertise and a fine fingertip feel we adapt our successful product series - starting from the headbox via the press section, the dryer section up to the final reeling - to your specific demands.
CD profiles are optimized with our circular distributor EQUALCircler . If you use for higher bases weights our former EQUALFlower for sheet formation, or if you use our hydraulic headboxes EQUALJetter in one or in multi layer design, will fully depend on your requirements.
Or maybe our top wire unit Winkelformer takes care of more equal production and high dewatering rates on a short building distance.
Or our shoepress TwinningPress ensures efficient and high dry contents.
You can reach improved availability of the threading process by using components of our ropeless threading product family BLOWFeed.
You may expect top quality up to the further processing step when applying our EQUALReeler even for fastest papers.
We can imagine quite some more applications.
Testliner machine
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