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Unwinding and Splice
Unwinding Technology with the TURBOReelerTM Family (former EQUALReeler Family)
The use of innovative unwinding technology is the pre-requisite of the successful conversion or further-processing of your papers. Only optimally unreeled papers can be converted in the quality produced by you.

We have created our unwinding solutions in modular design, ready for the most versatile requirements. This will help you to install the best solution for your paper web thus ensuring a long and problemfree operation with your off-line production unit or your slitter winder through many years.
Unwinding stations TURBOUnwinderTM (former EQUALUnwinder) and
TURBOCenterSplicerTM (former EQUALCenterSplicer)
With a product of the TURBOReeler Family (former EQUALReeler Family) you decide on a reproducible, fully automatic reel change at any time.
Unwinding station TURBOUnwinderTM (former EQUALUnwinder)
The TURBOUnwinderTM (former EQUALUnwinder) is a conventional unwinding station in its perfected form. The modular box-type frame allows fast and secure installation. The TURBOUnwinderTM (former EQUALUnwinder) is a cost-favourable upgrade for existing slitter winders and can be well used when changing the reeling process to large-scale technology. Subject to the specific requirements on site, inclined hoist for crane-free pick-up of the reel spools from the ground, equipment for quick ejection of the empty reel spools, oscillation of the paper web or brake generators can be integrated into the system.
TURBOUnwinderTM (former EQUALUnwinder) with
brake generator for efficient energy saving
Unwinding station TURBOCenterSplicerTM (former EQUALCenterSplicer )
There are papers such as thermo papers that are so sensitive that one should not even look at them too closely. One inadequate unwinding cycle and the quality paper becomes waste, making the following conversion step unnecessary. This absolutely highest demand and most difficult task are perfectly mastered by our TURBOCenterSplicer (former EQUALCenterSplicer . Through its unique design, each paper roll is completely unreeled with just one center drive. The transfer of the paper web is effected by means of our sensitive feeler roll with shortest rest paper flags.
The TURBOCenterSplicer (former EQUALCenterSplicer )
for highest unwinding demands

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