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Reeling system TURBOReelerTM (former EQUALReeler ), TURBOReelerTM Pro (former EQUALReeler Pro) und TURBOCenterWinderTM (former EQUALCenterWinder )
With a product of the TURBOReeler Family (former EQUALReeler Family) you decide on a reproducible, fully automatic reel change at any time.
The TURBOReeler (former EQUALReeler ) is a conventional reeler in its perfected form. The modular box-type frame allows fast and secure installation. Cables, pneumatics and hydraulics are safely integrated in the stable quality frame.

Through our proven large-roll reeling technique, customers have been able to perfectly reel diameters of up to 4,200 mm with our TURBOReeler (former EQUALReeler ). Our production quality and the modular design of our TURBOReeler (former EQUALReeler ) take care that the pope reeler keeps up with the further-development of your production process. In this way, you can optimistically head for the future with a Bellmer pope reeler.
Complete reeling and transport solution
with the TURBOReeler Transporter (former EQUALReeler Transporter)
Monitoring and setting of any operation parameters is effected through process visualization at the clearly laid out control panel. Just in case some error should slip in, the specially developed diagnosis system TURBOCheck (former BELLCheck ) will help.

A criterion for the reeling quality of a paper roll is the reeling hardness. For the TURBOReeler (former EQUALReeler ), the proven reeling hardness control TURBODur (former BELLDur ) was developed. Thanks to this unit the press curves of the spool to be reeled can be adjusted according to the requirements of the paper grades used.
TURBOReeler TM Pro (former EQUALReeler Pro)
Should your paper be particularly sensitive or should its air permeability be low, we can provide you with the TURBOReeler Pro (former EQUALReeler Pro) featuring a secondary center drive. This will ensure that the secondary reeling build-up can be performed in a sensitive way, equipped with the corresponding drive technology.
Successful TURBOReeler Pro (former EQUALReeler Pro) reeling fine paper
TURBOCenterWinder TM (former EQUALCenterWinder )
There are papers such as thermo papers that are so sensitive that one should not even look at them too closely. One inadequate reeling cycle and the quality paper becomes waste. This absolutely highest demand and most difficult task is perfectly mastered by our TURBOCenterWinder (former EQUALCenterWinder ). Through its unique design, each paper roll is reeled up with just one center drive from the starting core up to the end. There is no transfer within the reel, no matter if the reeling process is effected via reel spools or reeling shafts.
The TURBOCenterWinder (former EQUALCenterWinder ) for highest reeling requirements
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