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Headbox with Rectifier Rolls
Headbox with Rectifier Rolls
TURBOStreamerTM (former EQUALStreamer)
If the aim is a great variety of products, a headbox with rectifier rolls is the right tool.
The strong point of headboxes with rectifier rolls is the definitely larger production ratio (up to 1 : 3.5) of the flow rate compared to other headbox systems. By means of a pressure pad and foam overflow as well as a precisely determined open streaming area of the rotating rectifier rolls, sufficient turbulence can be sustained in the suspension also in the edge areas of production.
The headbox with rectifier rolls TURBOStreamer (former EQUALStreamer ) combines in an ideal way the elements of a hydraulic headbox with those of a conventional headbox with rectifier rolls.
Even for widest production programs:
top formation with the TURBOStreamer (former EQUALStreamer)
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