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Vat Former
TURBOFlowerTM (former EQUALFlower)
With regard to particularly high grammages, vat formers are suitable for sheet formation in multi-layer arrangement.
But also special papers like bank notes can be produced in ideal sheet formation with the TURBOFlower (former EQUALFlower) vat former.
Machines with up to nine forming vats allow a very efficient and user-friendly operation for highest grammages above 1,000 g/m² through selective switching on and off of individual layers. The related approach flows can be designed in an accordingly simple way and the raw stock recipes for the inner layers can be alike.
Outside layers (top, supporting layer and possibly backside) are provided with higher quality fibre suspensions.
The limiting factor of forming vat technology in addition to the maximum production speed is the limited sheet weight of the individual layer. Scalability for individual applications can be judged as an advantage.
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