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To acquire your engineering through Bellmer means that we show you ways and solutions how to improve the quantity, quality and runnability of your paper machine and also how to utilize so far undiscovered potentials within your production process.
The possible starting points of an engineering job include among other things:
Stock preparation
Approach flow
Fibre recovery in white water cleaning
Paper machine
With regard to your paper machine we would like to suggest you e.g. possibilities on how to improve your rope system and your web path, we would like to check the design and construction of the existing hydraulic and pneumatic units and to consider the possibilities to increase the productivity of the machine and the quality of your valuable papers. Through our skilled electronics personnel, also your process control system with the integrated measuring and control technique can be examined for optimization potentials.

In the first place, we see ourselves as a partner to our customers having the same target in mind which is success. An engineering project is the best way of solving a problem as this job is carried out with a definite and concrete aim.

The actual status of the existing resources and machines are exactly captured and problems together with related approaches to solutions are precisely fixed in form of specifications. Thus you receive as a result a sound fundamental document on whose basis you can come to a fast, specific and well-founded decision.

Take advantage of this engineering offer on the basis of a wide field of technology with more than160 years of Bellmer experience in the paper industry.
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