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Treatment of white water, wastewater and sludge
Since the company foundation in 1842, the tasks and problems of the paper industry have always been our main field of interest. Therefore, even after the introduction of our activity field of Separation Technology in the year of 1972, we have come up with innovations for the paper industry over and over again.

Each and every hour of standstill of a machine is money, thus we only provide you with highest quality ensuring smooth operation. There is good reason why we are the market leader in this field. Thanks to our more than 800 reference tools in the paper industry you can profit of a rich experience and expertise. Here, we offer the most ample solutions in order to relieve water cycles, to lower production costs or just to reduce the cost for the disposal of sludges. Bellmer innovations here have set the standard again and again. Learn more about our solutions:
The TurboDrain Compact TDC for the thickening of sludges The Winklepress WPN for safe sludge pressing
TurboDrain TDR for
Recovery of valuable substances
Separation of stickies in waste paper preparation
TurboDrain TDC for
Thickening of biological sludges
Thickening of paper sludges
WinklePress WPN for
Dewatering of biological sludges
Dewatering of paper sludges
Dewatering deinking sludges
Cascade for
Thickening + dewatering of any sludge occurring in the paper industry
WinklePress WPH for
High-pressure dewatering
Bellmer Poly Stations for
Efficient solution of flocculent
Automation of your plants
Reduction of use of chemicals
AKUPRESS® BX screw press

With their patented AKUPRESS® BX series our subsidiary, BELLMER KUFFERATH, lead the field in
the area of screw press applications for the dewatering of structured sludge.

AKSE® S pre-thickener
The AKSE® S disc-thickener for sludge pre-thickening complements the range of BELLMER KUFFERATH’s
sludge dewatering programme.
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