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TURBOPulperTM (former EQUALPulper)
Bellmer pulpers always ensure optimum stock disintegration - if beneath the paper machine for the wet broke and the paper web pulping or the disintegration of dry broke.

The proven pulpers of design Bellmer-Bruderhaus successfully work in over 400 cases. Their constructive and process technological design complies with all requirements regarding up-to-date pulpers.

The hydraulically favourable design of the vat leads to optimum and energy-saving stock disintegration. The exactly calculated shape of the rotor ensures best ratio between acceleration, turbulence and mixing of suspension.

Proper adaptation of the vat design results in an excellent rate of efficiency which is also guaranteed upon high stock consistencies. Bellmer supplies - subject to the location of installation, kind and quantity of stock - the adequate design and size. There is a choice between the standing and suspended type with round vat or the flat pulper carried out in low height.

If you need to know anything about pulpers, ask Bellmer. We will be pleased to elaborate together with you the one solution that is best for your specific case of use.
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