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White Water Filtration
White water filtration with the Bellmer TurboDrainTM Recovery TDR
White water filtration with the Bellmer TurboDrain Recovery TDR is a new technology for the paper industry.

It relieves water cycles of paper mills and cleans the white water II.
The TurboDrain TDR solves the following tasks:
Separation of disturbing matter (e.g. stickies)
Recovery of recyclable material (e.g. fibres or fine stock)
Preparation of white water II (e.g. for shower pipes)
Relief of existing flotation plants
The TurboDrain Recovery TDR is a belt thickener tool featuring most compact design which is offered in various sizes and types. After dosage of flocculent, the flocculated suspension reaches the circulating belt of the TurboDrain. The separated solids are recovered; the recyclable material is fed back to the production and the disturbing matter is removed from the process. Part of the filtrate is used for wire cleaning and is subsequently used as dilution water. Capture rates of > 98 % can be achieved. The clear filtrate gained is almost solid-free and is available for further use.

The low investment and operating costs and the low energy consumption of 1.5 to 6 kW ensure a fast return-of-investment. Its low buffer volume enables fast change of grades and thus enhanced production. The tool’s space requirements are so low that in most cases not even the building structure has to be modified. The Bellmer TurboDrain Recovery TDR is an alternative in the field of white water cleaning to the processes known so far, or it is able to relieve such a system as primary unit.

The TurboDrain Recovery TDR combines the following advantages:
Minimum space requirements
Low operating costs
Low energy consumption
No air intake to the system
Fast and frequent change of grades possible
Optimum process stability
Fast return-on-investment

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