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WinklePress WPX
WinklePressTM WPX
The WinklePress WPX has its special design to achieve highest yields in the field of fruit extraction and food processing. The machine frame is completely executed in stainless steel. Particular attention was paid to good accessibility and easy cleaning of the machine. The rollers are coated with Rilsan, which, because of its smooth surface, enables easier cleaning compared with stainless steel.

By the six juice extraction stages with a gradual pressure build-up the Bellmer WinklePresses achieve highest yields compared to other belt filter presses on the market. Only by this gradual pressure build-up such optimal results can be achieved. Our know-how and the experience we’ve got in constructing presses for the paper industry are to our clients benefit.
1. Pre-extraction (Horizontal section):
Through an adjustable mash feeding nozzle the mash is fed equally across a horizontal belt so that a large part of the juice runs off as a result of gravity.

2. Wedge area (Vertical zone):
In the unique wedge area the two circulating belts form a vertical, wedge-shaped chute with a variable opening that enables a gentle extraction. The extraction is effected by slowly increasing pressure, which arises from the height of the chute and the setting angle. Thanks to the vertical wedge zone extraction to both sides is possible. The wedge sealing prevents the spilling over of the mash.

3. Low pressure zone
The big diameter of the first perforated roller affects a gentle pressure build-up. Thickening of the mash is the optimal basis for an extraction in the following steps.
The WPX ensures optimal juice quality
4. Press zone
In the s-shaped high-pressure press rollers especially designed for the WPX further extract the mash between the belts. By the diminution of the diameter of the rollers pressure is increased. The configuration of the rollers is optimised and enables highest yields and final dry solids content in the pomace.

5. High pressure zone (optional)
To achieve still higher yields and final dry solids content the press zone can be equipped with an additional high pressure zone, that exists of 4 press rollers and the pressnip described as follows.

6. Pressnip (optional)
The pressnip, well known in the paper industry, causes a marked improvement in fruit processing, too. This in addition to the adjustable nip pressure still increases yields and final dry solids content.

The WPX combines the following advantages:
Careful juice extraction in six stages
Highest yields
Continuous operation
Short press period, a minimum of oxidation
Low turbidity
Low operation costs
Low maintenance

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