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WinklePress Mini
The WinklePress mini is a very economical single-belt-press, specially developed for smaller and medium-sized companies or as additional machine for bigger companies.

The WinklePress mini is not only a very cost-effective fruit press but also designed for smallest local requirements. With a length of 3 m the WinklePress can be installed at little cost in confined space. Despite the compact construction our smallest press ensures a maximum capacity of 1-3 to/h and obtains yields of more than 70%.
WinklePress WPX "Mini"
In combination with the Bellmer BAC-Grinder and the Bellmer Elevator Bellmer can supply you a compact line. The know-how gained from the paper machines influences the design and technology considerably. After extensive test lines the roller configuration was determined in order to achieve highest yields.

Not for nothing we have chosen 5 press rollers with 3 different diameters. The machine frame is completely made of stainless steel. Particular attention was paid to good accessibility and easy cleaning of the machine. Therefore the rollers e.g. are coated with Rilsan instead of stainless steel. Due to its fine surface this special plastic material is easier to clean.

The main advantages of the WinklePress mini:
Careful mash handling with 5 press rollers
High yields
Continuous operation
Short pressing time, minimal oxidization
Low turbidity in juice
Low operating costs
Low maintenance costs

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