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Vibration Screen, Static Screen, Rotary Screen
BELLMER Vibration screenTM BVS
The BELLMER VIBRATION SCREEN BVS was designed and constructed to meet the requirements of fruit juice production, vegetables processing as well as food industry. The BVS ensures an exact and continuous separation of all screenable materials due to circular movement of the product.
The BVS is generally equipped with self-cleaning rings. These cylindrical self-cleaning rings move analogously to the spiral vibration. They support the discharge of the product to be treated and prevent the screen netting from clogging. A great variety of screen nettings with different mesh widths are available for the BELLMER VIBRATION SCREEN BVS. There are numerous fields of application in the food processing industry for the BELLMER VIBRATION SCREEN BVS.

We especially recommend the use of BELLMER VIBRATION SCREEN BVS for the filtration of juices coming from the pressing process and which have to be fined by means of ultrafiltration or microfiltration. The pre-filtration of the juice with a BELLMER VIBRATION SCREEN BVS prevents the sensitive membranes from wearing out excessively and thus increases the availability of the aggregates positioned downstream.

The advantages of the BVS are:
Especially low operating costs due to the maintenance-free unbalance-generator
Low power consumption due to a special design with only few moving parts
Long lifetime, few wear parts and little maintenance required
Metal parts in contact with the product and frame made of stainless steel
Low space requirements related to the capacity
By installation of several screen decks on different levels, multiple separation of the product is possible
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