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Poly Station
For economical operation of belt filter plants a polyelectrolyte preparing unit is
essential. As a system specialist Bellmer developed optimized particular polymer stations for solid and liquid polymers.
Bellmer 3-Chamber Station
The most variable solution is the Bellmer 3-chamber station that can be used for solid or liquid polymers. The three-compartment unit consisting of preparation, maturing and extraction station guarantees an optimized solution of the flocculent. A heated dosing nozzle at the dosing unit for powdered polyelectrolyte enables supply without clusters.

The patented ‘Bellnetz’ covers every granule of the polyelectrolyte and thus minimizes the flocculent consumption. Clustering in the poly station is thus avoided and the flocculent can be used 100 %. That reduces consumption considerably.

Bellmer Liquid Station
The Bellmer liquid station is developed for sludge thickening with liquid polymer. The contact water meter controls the quantity of polymer to adjust the solution. This is to ensure that the preset solution is available any time.

The Bellmer Poly Station combines the following advantages:
Low polymer consumption
Simple operation
Operational reliability
Small footprint

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