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Screw Presses
AKUPRESS screw presses
With the various products – partly protected by patent – of the AKUPRESS series, our subsidiary company Bellmer KUFFERATH Machinery GmbH is the leader in the field of screw presses for the dewatering of structured residues, fibrous stocks and sludges.

We have developed three different series of this line of products:
A-series features greatest flexibility.
For the range of higher dry contents you may take advantage of the B-series.
And should your focus be on the task of fibrous stock dewatering, the tools of the C-series are just right for you.
AKUPRESS®A screw presses
Unsurpassed in continuous operation – tried and tested in over a hundred successful installations.
Available in three sizes, with screw diameters ranging from 250 mm to 625 mm
Dry contents (depending on the product) of up to 90 %
Above-average availability
Easy handling
Long service life
Dewatering of fermentation substrates of wet and dry process fermentation plants.
Dry contents up to approx. 50 %
The share of solids contaminating the effluent press filtrate is reduced to a minimum
Adjustable press zone length allows optimum adaptation to each type of use
User-friendly maintenance – easy and fast exchange of spare and wearing parts
Available in four sizes, with screw diameters ranging from 400, 625, 1,000 up to 1,400 mm
Low operating and service costs
Convincing overall design
AKUPRESS®AF screw presses
Optimal for the dewatering of spinning residues, or in limited spaces. This screw press is provided with front-end discharge. Its main features are:
Maximum level of dry contents
Simple, user-friendly handling
Low operating and maintenance costs
Compact design
X-TRA-DRY dewatering with AKUPRESS® BX
Keypoint is the movable screen basket:
Highest dewatering performance upon maximum operating safety through continuous, automatic adaptation of the press zone to the respective sludge characteristics
Dry contents up to 70 %
Highest operating safety through fully automatic plant system
Available in 5 sizes with screw diameters ranging from 250 to 1,400 mm
Robust and maintenance-friendly plant design
Top solution to fibrous stock dewatering: AKUPRESS® CX
The AKUPRESS® CX ensures with its movable screen basket highest operational safety and constant dry contents through continuous and automatic adaptation of the press zone to the respective stock characteristics.

The Kufferath response to customer-specific requirements regarding fibrous stock dewatering.
Adjustable dry contents of approx. 30 – 50 %
Available in 5 sizes with screw diameters of 250 to 1,400 mm
Throughput capacities of 20 – 450 t/d o.d.
Inlet stock densities as of 3 %
Over-average availability
Compact and robust machine design

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