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High pressure dewatering
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Besides the paper industry, Bellmer products are used in different kinds of industries. Thanks to the well known Bellmer quality, our units are suited to cope with highest demands and to operate continuously, if required, around the clock.

We have the right equipment for you, whether for incorporation into your production process or for disposal of residues. The experience of more than 2,000 plants will be of advantage for you. The wide know-how of process technology will be a valuable benefit for you. Thanks to our own electrical engineering department, we are able to offer you on request the complete solution, i.e. units designed for fully automatic operation and low supervision required.
Bellmer products are already used in the following fields of activity:
Chemical industry
Fertilizer production
Mineral oil industry
Mobile waste disposal
Soil drainage
River and harbour sludge dewatering
Granitic stone processing/preparation of grits and grinds
Cement industry
Glass industry
Flue gas desulphurisation
Household garbage/organic waste fermenting
Pressing of grease
Agriculture (liquid manure of pigs/cattle)

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