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Fruit juice
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The manufacturers of fruit and vegetable juices and of food products are forced by the international competition to produce high quality juices at comparatively low margins. This demands to take the highest possible advantage of the resources with the lowest investment and operating costs.

The introduction of the WinklePress in this industry at the beginning of the 80´s was a sensation, as the press nearly superseded the conventional machines like tank and screw presses or centrifuges.

Thanks to the continuous mode of operation the WinklePress is easy to operate and can be integrated in any production process trouble-free. Short press times of only a few minutes enable the manufacture of highly nutritious products. In comparison to other systems the costs of purchase and operation are quite low.

Independent examinations point out a reduction of almost 1 Cent e.g. upon the fruit juice production of 1 litre juice with the belt filter press (reference magazine: "Flüssiges Obst").

Because of the unique process engineering with 6 dejuicing zones the Bellmer WinklePress obtain the highest yields, compared to the other belt filter presses on the market.

Our products are used in the following fields of application:
Fruit juice, wine and vegetable industry:
Pome fruits: apples, pears, quinces etc.
Stone fruits: plums, cherries etc.
Berry fruits: currants, gooseberries, strawberries, blueberries etc.
Exotic fruits: pineapple, kiwi, coconut, etc.
Vegetable juices of carots, cabbage and mushrooms etc.
Production of pectin: citrus fruits, apples etc.
Colour industry: spinach, red beets, grapes etc.
Sugar industry: sugar beets
Production of tea
extractions of plants, echinacea, herbs etc.

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