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As early as in the 1970s, Bellmer realized the challenge and importance of environmental protection.
For that reason, we created our second field of activity, our Separation Technology division. Based on the experience of the Bellmer double wire presses for pulp dewatering, Bellmer introduced in 1972 the WinklePress for dewatering of sewage sludges. The unique process technology comprising up to six dewatering stages as well as numerous patents prove the peak position of the WinklePress. The belt filter presses installed in the largest plants all over the world are Bellmer WinklePresses.
Today, Bellmer products are applied in various fields of environmental protection. The WinklePress is also used for the preparation of drinking water. In this respect the Bellmer TurboDrain TDC offers numerous opportunities. By means of the TurboDrain overloaded digestion plants can be upgraded, excess sludge can be thickened and increases in capacity of existing plants can be achieved.
The Bellmer Cascade represents an ideal combination of the two process steps of pre-thickening and subsequent dewatering. With the Cascade even very thin suspensions can be dewatered.
An integral part of the cost-efficient operation of belt filter units is the flocculent dissolution system. Bellmer has developed several flocculent preparation systems for solid and liquid polymers.
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