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Dewatering aids
Rebecel is a highly compressed long-fibre cell material. It is a natural and environmentally compatible product made of re-growing raw material. It does not contain any chemical addition. Rebecel is developed to support the process of sludge dewatering.

By means of Rebecel you achieve increased dry solids contents, less weight to be deposited and enhance the shear resistance. Furthermore, Rebecel economizes on the user’s budget, for the savings in operation costs are far higher than the amount to be invested.
Rebecel is dissolved in water and mixed into the sludge before the flocculent is added. It improves the pressability of the sludge. The quantity of Rebecel can easily be adapted to the requirements. For optimal preparation we developed plants which enable an exact injection of the dissolved Rebecel in the right proportioning to the sludge. Rebecel is useful even to municipal sewage treatment plants as to mobile disposal companies.

The advantages of Rebecel:
The remaining sludge quantity is minimized
Transport and dumping costs are reduced
Take-off of the cake from the belt is simplified
High capture rates can be achieved
Post-conditioning of dewatered sludge for the dumping site is no longer required
The structure of the dewatered sludge is enhanced
During the combustion process, Rebecel increases the calorific value of the sludge cake and improves the heat recovery
Please contact us for further information: rebecel@bellmer.de
We will be pleased to send you a sample and to make out an estimate of your operational costs.