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Dandy Rolls and Open Wire Rolls
Dandy Rolls and Open Wire Rolls
Dandy roll systems AKUFORM® are efficient formers to improve the paper quality and can be used on Fourdrinier machines with speeds up to approx. 1,000 m/min and for almost all paper grades.

In modern paper machines, dandy roll systems are nowadays an integral part particularly in the production of decor papers and cigarette papers.

The dandy roll diameter is determined according to the production speed.
Our subsidiary Bellmer KUFFERATH Machinery supplies dandy rolls for diameters of 600 - 2,000 mm
and a speed up to 1,100 m/min.

Additional equipment accessories such as drive, spray tube, steam pipe, trays and covering hoods make the dandy roll body a complete AKUFORM® dandy roll system. Both the line-up and design of these components are fundamental features to assure a reliable and safe functioning of the dandy roll system. Each individual component reflects the expert knowledge Kufferath has been able to acquire with dandy roll systems over the past decades.
Improvement of paper formation with the AKUFORM® dandy roll system
Every dandy roll in operation induces water splashes, i.e. after the dandy roll is lifted from the fibrous web, little drops of backwater and spray water are projected from the surface of the dandy roll body onto the paper web. For most applications, however, the water splashes cause problems leading to quality losses (markings from water drops on the paper web) or operating troubles (dirtying of cut squirt or press section).

To meet these challenges, we have developed the AKUFORM® RX dandy roll system, where the water splashes are caught by a special water collecting device (tub and roll), so that the paper quality will not be impaired.

Nowadays, AKUFORM® RX dandy rolls are common standard with diameters from 1,200 mm and for all critical papers.
No markings from water drops with the AKUFORM RX
Open wire rolls
In addition to complete dandy roll systems, we supply via our subsidiary BELLMER- KUFFERATH Machinery GmbH individual dandy rolls (with smooth fabric, the so-called Velin dandy rolls) as well as sturdy open wire rolls for paper and board machines.
AKUROLL® F forming rolls
AKUROLL® G couch rolls
AKUROLL® E extractor rolls
AKUROLL® P press rolls
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