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Circular Distributor
Vat Former
Headbox with Rectifier Rolls
Hydraulic Headbox
TURBOJetter (former EQUALJetter)headbox to ensure the finest formation
Bellmer offers high quality headbox systems for each product range. In addition to the modern hydraulic headboxes of the TURBOSeries (former EQUALSeries) such as the TURBOJetter (former EQUALJetter) for fast paper machines, also headboxes with rectifier rolls, the TURBOFormer (former EQUALFormer), for particularly high requirements concerning formation are manufactured.

In the field of very high grammages or space-saving multi-ply concepts, the vat former Bellmer TURBOFlower (former EQUALFlower) offers a wide range of use.

For optimally equal supply of stock to the headbox, the circular distributor Bellmer EQUALCircler is the right tool to achieve ideal CD profiles.

With great know-how and a lot of fine feeling, every headbox is designed for the specific production parameters and quality aims of the project to be reached and is manufactured with highest precision. When selecting the appropriate material we apply stringent quality standards, too.

Optimisation of the CD profile can even be enhanced by means of the CD profile control Bellmer TURBOProfiler (former EQUALProfiler) which can be adapted to other manufacturers tools, too.
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