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Breast Roll Shaking
In addition to the headbox and the dewatering elements, breast roll shaking offers the opportunity to permanently and positively influence formation and further paper properties. For different cases of application, we are able to support you with two different models.
This classical shaking unit has been proven worldwide for several decades. The EQUALShaker improves the formation in the paper and board production for speeds of up to 450 m/min.
For higher paper machine speeds, higher shaking forces are required. The TURBOShaker eliminates disturbing mechanical forces by its design principle based on centrifugal masses that balance each other. Resulting from this fact, new dimensions of the shaking stroke in combination with the shaking frequency can be realized.
Through its unique drive design, the TurboShaker only requires a small footprint which makes this tool an ideal unit to retrofit to already existing plants.
High-speed shaking for fast paper machines with the TURBOShaker
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