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Shoe press
The well proven TURBOPress (former EconPRESS™) unit is based on a modular concept suitable for all paper grades and applications, configured to the needs of the project and conditions on site.

The TURBOPress (former EconPRESS™) is a shoe press module, which is available in various configurations. Bellmer GapCon offers three different module types; TURBOPress (former EconPRESS™) XXL & XL, L as well as S. GapCon has the optimum solution for every need, whether the shoe press is needed for a rebuild or a new machine.
The TURBORoll EN (former EconROLL™) is designed with a heavy duty beam capable of carrying extreme loads.
The shoe module is provided with a unique and patented shoe loading mechanism which is the heart of the
TURBORoll EN (former EconROLL™).
The shoe has a special lubrication system to ensure adequate oil lubrication at all operating conditions, most importantly during machine starting and for machines running at lower speeds. Special showers prevent direct contact between the shoe and the belt. The shoe itself is concave; the width can be between 110 and 340 mm, depending on the module size, the loading curve and the product requirements. The shoe loading mechanism is of a single piston design, with low friction characteristics and divided into zones. For special applications Bellmer GapCon can offer a loading system which allows the loading curve of the shoe to be changed while running.

The TURBOPress (former EconPRESS™) is a modern tool to improve the overall efficiency of a paper machine. It optimizes the required paper properties and / or reduces energy costs, an issue that has become a key concern in today’s business environment.
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