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The “hard” or “soft nip” calender is an essential component of the paper machine, influencing factors such as smoothness, gloss and CD thickness.

Bellmer GapCon’s calenders are custom built to meet each customer’s requirements yet using standardized equipment. By choosing the right combination of single or multiple nips, hard or soft calender, line load capacity,
TURBORoll (former EconROLL™ )  type (classic swimming roll with / without control of edge zones or multi zone roll) and our heated roll
TURBORoll VT (former EconROLL™ VT) with different surface temperatures, the tools can be combined as needed for the customers target and budget. Where an TURBORoll MZ (former EconROLL™ MZ) roll (multi zone) type is chosen, the controls can be linked to a QCS system for automatic caliper adjustment in closed-loop operation. In addition to the calender, all necessary auxiliary systems such as hydraulic unit, lubrication system and heating unit can be supplied. A rope-less tail threading system, vacuum belt type, is available as well.

Further product highlights include user friendly operation, proven design and quality, and the tilted frame design allowing quicker and simpler roll change. Bellmer GapCon calenders have already proven their worth many times over in various mills around the world.
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