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Move and Modernize
Second Life
Giving a paper machine a “Second life”

In today’s global business environment the relocation and installation of paper machines is increasingly becoming an attractive business choice. International and regional variations in cost base, consumption habits and the business and economic environment often mean that it is possible to extract several more productive years service from some paper machines, a so-called “second life”.

For such a project to be successful, an established and particular expertise is required, such as that provided by Bellmer. Having a proven track record in this area, Bellmer has an industry leading reputation as a lean and flexible organization able to anticipate and solve issues and problems as they arise. This is achieved in an efficient, cost effective manner, minimizing disruption for the customer.

Bellmer has identified a sequence of steps which are essential in establishing if relocation of a specific machine is viable. These steps include:
Carrying out a full technical analysis of the machine that is to be relocated (quality of parts and sections, etc.);
Reviewing the ability of the machine to deliver the new products and / or meeting the new production targets;
Establish what parts or individual section rebuilds are necessary in order to obtain performance comparable to that of today’s more modern machinery.
Costing the proposed modernisation to establish the economic viability the project.

Once the decision is made to proceed with the project, the following are the sequence of steps necessary to achieve this:
3D scan of the entire paper machine, formulation of a dismantling procedure with numbering system, formulation of a labeling system, technical analysis of parts with possible defects and analysis of envisaged maintenance requirements with associated cost estimation.
Utilisation of a computer program compatible with the numbering system to catalog all parts, 3D scans, photos, drawings, analysis reports and container numbers to identify the parts and their position. Copy of original handbooks referenced to individual parts or sections.
Manufacture of new parts or sections, or upgrades of existing sections to ensure the machine meets the new production requirements.
Provision of DCS or PLC programs to control the paper machine line
Supervision and Erection of the machine at the new location
Commissioning and start-up of the new line with provision for operator training.

Bellmer is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive paper machine relocation service. Our team possesses world class expertise right across the spectrum of skills successful relocation projects require. From analysis of the technical requirements and commercial implications, through meeting parts or sectional rebuild needs, to installation and set up, Bellmer works in partnership with the customer to ensure projects are completed to the customer’s specification in an efficient, cost effective manner.

This is why we in Bellmer are proud to say that we are your perfect partner in giving a paper machine a “Second Life”.