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Service Overview
Our Service Centers, which are GapCon in Willich, Germany, near Duesseldorf, GapCon S.r.l. in Pescantina, Italy, near Verona and GapCon Engineering in Kalyani, India, near Kolkata offer all types of services, either on-site or in our own service facility.

Our service scope
Service of all types of deflection controlled rolls
Refurbishing of suction rolls
Testing of rolls under simulated production conditions
Upgrades of existing equipments / controls
Supply of original spare parts
All grinding
Replacement covers from well-known and reputable cover experts
On-site paper machine audits
Vibration analysis

And much more
Your advantages at a glance!
Cost effective prices for the service
Flexibility and promptness
Designated contact partners are at your service around the clock
Detailed reports and documentation on the work
Technical advice on rolls, control system modernizations and many other equipment
Competent & experienced service technicians to recognize and solve problems locally

Have a look for yourself! We will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. Just contact us for more information.

Roll Service
We service every kind of deflection compensated roll. Our state of the art workshop facility is equipped with test benches able to verify the function of all kind of deflection compensated rolls (under speed and pressure) of up to 65 tons. To avoid any problems during start-up, we strongly recommend testing the function of the roll first.

Deflection compensating rolls will be tested for:
Pressure build up and control
Internal and external leaking
Dynamic behavior and balancing conditions

As part of the service scope we provide a comprehensive report, summarizing the exact scope of work carried out and performance of the equipment.

We can also refurbish or repair:
Bearing seats
Shells (bore, hone & grinding)
Slip-on and planetary gearboxes
Mechanical / slide ring seals
Sealing discs
Sealing bushings
Suction roll boxes

We are able to supply all required spare parts, regardless of make.

For replacement covers in our scope when servicing press rolls and crown compensating rolls, we work closely with well-known and reputable cover experts.

Spare Parts
As an independent supplier, GapCon can provide all standard and engineered spare parts for all kinds of equipment pertaining to our product family.

We provide an all-inclusive service, tailored to individual customer requirements, by phone, email and personally on-site.

Examples of some of the most commonly supplied parts include:

For all kind of deflection compensated rolls
Repair kits
Longitudinal and head seals
Seals for hydrostatic elements
Radial seals
And much more!

For suction rolls:
Pneumatically loaded flexible houses
Longitudinal and lateral sealing strips

All varieties of commodity parts

We also offer advice and information on ordering and storage in order to minimise waste and maximise efficiency.

On-Site Service
GapCon customer service engineers have amassed a wealth of experience having worked many years in the industry. Not only are we involved in commissioning and maintenance of GapCon products, we can also commission, maintain, repair and carry out fault-finding on various products from other OEMs.

Maintenance provides security, because only continual maintenance can guarantee that your equipment will operate reliably and efficiently. We can meet your expectations and demands by carrying out on-site inspection, maintenance and repair of a wide variety of equipment including
All types of deflection controlled rolls
Regulation and control systems, including hydraulic units and pneumatic regulation
Heating systems, and various other associated components
Suction rolls, and various other kinds of function rolls

Our capabilities also include fault finding, problem solving, audits and identification of possible problems before they occur.

We are available to perform machine wide system audits, from approach flow to winder, tailored to individual customer requirements and cost effective.

Training on all kind of maintenance, control system maintenance and fault finding can also be arranged. Honest technical advice with the view to improving production quality, machine reliability and maintenance practices rounds off our scope.

Benefits at a glance!
Competitive pricing ensuring excellent value for money
Flexibility and promptness
Designated contact partners are at your service around the clock
Detailed reports and documentation on the work
Technical advice on rolls, control system modernisation and much more
Competent & experienced service technicians with a proven track record in recognising and correcting problems locally

Give us a call, we won’t let you down!

GapCon Engineering Indien
Precision Grinding and Service at GapCon Engineering India

We are the first foreign company engaged within the paper industry to invest in India, helping to support the Indian paper industry by providing high end service of all kinds of function rolls as a one stop concept. We are just beginning. We expect to see continued growth of our Indian operation in order to expand our delivery of gold standard services to our customers.

Efficient Grinding on your door step:
Grinding of rolls with the lowest station to station tolerance in India
Computer simulated grinding & automatic reports of simulation results
Engineers & Technicians trained in Germany
Cost effective prices for grinding & services
Detailed reports & documentation on the work in progress

We offer:
1.Precision computerized grinding of all kind of rolls, e.g. press rolls, suction rolls, applicator and backup rolls and calender rolls
2.Dynamic balancing of rolls
3.On Site Services of deflection compensation rolls and suction rolls
4.Technical support & advice on modernization of paper machine equipment, rolls, calenders, hydraulic & control system upgrades
5.In-house servicing of suction rolls and deflection compensation rolls of all makes, including operational simulation with particular focus on
Pressure build-up & control
Internal & external leakage
Dynamic behavior & balancing conditions
Replacement & refurbishing of mechanical seals
Upgrades of seals
Refurbishing of bearing seats
Roll surface hardness testing

We are confident we can provide the perfect service to you.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


1B - Bibhuti Bandyopadhyay Sarani
Kolkata - 700 019

Tel.: +91 (33) 22833074
Fax: +91 (33) 22870548
Mobile: +91 9903092986

E-Mail: contact@bellmer.de

Machine Audits, Measurements andAnalysis Service
At GapCon we are renowned for our Industry leading Paper and Tissue machine portfolio. What some people might not know however is that we also offer a comprehensive variety of efficiency enhancing services including, but not limited to, machine audits, vibration analysis and operational balancing. Our unrivalled process know how, allied to our extensive wealth of service, application, and engineering expertise, enables us to determine exactly what each individual paper machine is capable of. This leads to significant improvements in productivity and paper quality while simultaneously eliminating bottle necks and areas of inefficiency.

We offer a machine audit service where we systematically assess every aspect of the production process; this would involve scrutinizing stock preparation, approach flow systems, headbox, forming sections, press sections (both conventional or shoe press configurations), dryer sections, steam and condensate systems, hoods (for paper and tissue), coaters, film and size presses, calenders, reels and winders.

Our vibration analysis service enables us to identify possible causes of barring and also to pinpoint any unbalanced, misaligned or damaged cylinders, rolls, shafts, bearings, gearboxes, motors or pumps while at the same time uncovering any structural design (resonance) insufficiencies. Depending on the production workload and the depth of analysis required, task vibration analysis may be performed with or without interrupting production.

We provide on-site operational balancing for rolls, cylinders and other rotating machine elements. Our advanced methods mean we can do this with the rolls still in the machine, eliminating the need for costly and time consuming disassembly.

At GapCon we work with you, the Customer, to deliver the highest quality analysis service tailor-made to your requirements. Our culture of excellence, solution focused approach, and wealth of expertise ensures that we can offer the most cost efficient customized solutions to meet your needs.

Machine and Plant Audits
Carrying out machine and plant audits of paper, board and tissue machines allows us to identify any problems or issues of sub-optimal efficiency in the areas of production, run-ability and paper quality. By collecting and analyzing data along the entire length of the production process, we can build a clear picture of a specific machines performance potential, and subsequently offer a tailored solution built around the individual machine and equipment specifications and the individual customer’s needs.

Some of the areas an audit might cover include:
Pinpointing of specific areas of the manufacturing process which may be having an adverse effect on production levels and product quality.
Complete front to back machine analysis taking in; Stock preparation
Approach flow system
Dilution system
Presses (both conventional and shoe press)
Dryer section
Steam and condensate system
Film and size press,

Identification of steps needed to ensure maximum production and efficiency while highlighting key predictive maintenance requirements.
Preparation of a plan of works for upgrading the existing machine to enable production of a variety of different paper grades
Analyzing the limits, capacities, workload, efficiency, deficiencies and reliability of: Single machine units from headbox to calender, reels or winder and
Auxiliary systems e.g. steam, vacuum, water, air

Identifying the causes of low PM efficiency (web breaks, web instability etc.)

Vibration Analysis
The measurement and analysis of vibration is one of the most efficient diagnostic tools in our arsenal. In the majority of cases this analysis can be carried out by mobile measuring equipment and does not necessitate any interruption in production.

Vibration analysis is used to determine:
imbalanced or misaligned rotating parts, such as cylinders, rolls and shafts
the presence of damaged cylinders, rolls, bearings, gearboxes, motors and pumps
reasons for barring and marks
the presence of any resonance that may identify weak or damaged structural elements
the potential for structural design improvements as a result of the above
specific electrical problems and insufficiencies (coils, earthing / grounding etc.)

At GapCon we utilize our vibration analysis capabilities to offer:
Monitoring, recording and analysis of the individual machine and identification of appropriate solutions and improvements.
Analysis of vibrations in terms of acceleration, velocity and deflection
Determination of resonance frequencies of rolls, framing, piping and foundations
Analysis of pulsations related to the approach flow or hydraulic systems
Ongoing / long term analysis to investigate intermittent or irregular problems.
Finite element method (FEM) simulation, design optimization and improvements through modal and structural analysis

On-Site Balancing
We provide on-site operational balancing for rolls, cylinders and other rotating machine elements. There are a multitude of good reasons for carrying out the re-balancing of machine components.

From the engineering point of view these include:
limiting vibrations
reducing dynamic forces and deflections (bearings and structure)
reducing dynamic shaft stresses and strains
reducing machine noise to acceptable levels.

From the production point of view the reasons include:
raising the machine speed
improving paper quality
increasing the lifetime of machine parts
extending service intervals
cutting maintenance costs.
increased profitability

On site balancing is based on vibration measurements and as it does not require the machine to be disassembled, production downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

Our Operational Balancing on site service is a premium quality measure which leads to significantly improved profitability for the customer by maximizing production and quality levels while cutting costs through reduced breakdowns, service needs and part replacement requirements.