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New Bellmer works # 3 completed
On November 15th 2012 the new Bellmer works #3 was officially inaugurated during the annual Paper Days event. After the ground-breaking ceremony on March 5th, 2012 our new production facility in Enzberg took only eight months to complete. At this point we would like to express particular thanks to Harsch, the company which was responsible for the planning and construction of the building. The works is divided into three assembly-halls, which offer enough space for the “turning and fitting” Paper Technology departments
The new works #3 offers plenty of space, and can comfortably accommodate large production lines with a working width of eight meters. The 5,000 m² facility is equipped with the latest crane technology: 11 built-in cranes can move loads of up to 80 tons. Embedded guide-rails in the basement enable the exact alignment of machines.

Special attention was paid to modern roll production. Rolls, which are the core of paper machines as well as Bellmer’s belt filter presses, can be produced even faster and more cost-effectively than before. Today, about 25 of Bellmer’s 300 employees work in Enzberg and they guarantee that production processes there run smoothly. In addition to the new manufacturing facilities, Bellmer has modernized the offices which existed in Enzberg. The newly-built production plant produces an improved work flow which enhances competitiveness. Procedures at the headquarters in Niefern have also been optimized. A new layout of departments, such as welding, has opened up more space and improved efficiency in the production process. The extra space for the service departments means we can serve the customer even better.
In the past the available space for production often reached capacity limits and halls had to be hired to overcome the problem. This was not viable long term, and is no longer necessary thanks to the investment in works #3 in the locality. Paper Technology sales, construction, management, milling and the welding shop are still sited in Niefern, which is also the most appropriate place for the assembly of smaller machines. Our second works – Carl Bellmer Hall located in a suburb of Niefern, is now dedicated to the pre-and final assembly of our Separation Technology plants.

With an investment of around EUR 9 million, works #3 has laid an important foundation for a successful future.