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Felix Schoeller: Further growth with special papers
Felix Schoeller Group, Osnabrück, is taking another step towards the next strategic growth concept for its Technocell business segment. This project, based around paper machine # 14 at Technocell’s Günzach location in the South of Germany, will be carried out during the 4th quarter of 2015. The result will be additional capacity for production of pre-impregnated paper. On 28th January 2015, Bellmer was en-trusted with overall responsibility for implementing this investment.
Growth in emerging markets and regions is Technocell’s clear strategic objective. The pre-impregnates, which will be used in the wood materials industry, form part of the business’s most important growth segment. The increased capacity being created by the rebuild of paper machine # 14 is in response to the growing demand for pre-impregnates. Technocell will sell them under the brand name PRIP®. So far, these pre-impregnates have been produced exclusively at the factory in Neustadt, but this will change with the extensive rebuild of the paper machine at Günzach. The scope of supply comprises among other things a new headbox, IR dryer, a new calender and TURBOCombiSizer including the associated glue kitchen. The TURBOCombiSizer not only enables size press but also film press operation.

After completion of the modification project, in addition to the pre-impregnates PRIP®, it will be possible to manufacture 2-side coated non-woven papers for the wall paper industry, to mention just one example. The total investment for this project will be 15 million Euros.
“By investing in PM 14 we not only create the conditions for further growth of Technocell, but we also enhance the capabilities of the Günzach site in Bavaria. This site with its 3 paper machines has a clear orientation towards specialties and small batches. Additionally, our non-woven business unit will benefit from the possibilities arising from the installation of the TURBOCombiSizer” says Hans-Christoph Gallenkamp, deputy chairman and chief technology officer of the group.
“With Bellmer, we have a competent partner at our side - one which has showed its ability in several previous projects”, adds Kai Middeldorf, chief of Felix Schoeller Group’s engineering competence center.
Erich Kollmar, managing partner at Bellmer, describes the significance of the project: “We’re proud to be Felix Schoeller Group’s chosen partner. Through this project, our already successful business relationship is heading towards new horizons.”