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Future-oriented sludge treatment at Alfeld’s sewage plant
Over the next five years, the city of Alfeld’s sewage treatment plant, which was built at the beginning of the 1980s, is to be restored and made fit for the future .

A WinklePress has dewatered sludge at Alfeld since the plant’s first hour in operation. After 34 years’ service, the WinklePress had reached the end of its technical operating life, but it has been a positive experience for the operators so they decided to go with Bellmer’s sludge dewatering technology again for the sewage plant’s modernization. Following the usual tender process, Bellmer was awarded the contract to supply a TurboDrain Basic for thickening of waste activated sludge and a WinklePress™ Green for dewatering digested sludge. These two state-of-the-art sludge treatment units will ensure that the best results are achieved at the lowest operating costs.
The Bellmer units were commissioned in June last year, and Mr. Wilfried Preißer, head of the sewage treatment plant at Alfeld, commented as follows: „After a short start-up period we established the optimal settings for the TurboDrain and the WinklePress. All management and staff were surprised by how good the results were. We can say with confidence that both machines have met our expectations and operate to our complete satisfaction.“