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Gartow: “We save operating costs with the WinklePress!”
The town of Gartow within the administrative district of the same name is situated in the UNESCO-designated „Niedersächsische Elbtalaue“ nature reserve. The responsible use of natural resources is of course a very high priority here.

The sewage treatment plant at Gartow had been equipped with a competitor’s belt filter press, which could no longer meet today‘s requirements in terms of economy and environmental protection. Following a competitive tender process, our long term partner Entwässerungstechnik H. Marschler was awarded the contract to supply a Bellmer WinklePress™ Green for mechanical sludge dewatering. The unit is designed to conserve resources, which, in turn, saves on operating costs.

The WinklePress Green at Gartow is equipped with a high pressure zone, and is allocated the task of dewatering activated sludge from statically pre-thickened waste. The plant layout at Gartow means the dewatered sludge has to be conveyed via a thick sludge pump into the mud shelter, although this solution is also cheaper than the usual transport via screw conveyor. The WinklePress is cleaned with a high pressure process devised by Bellmer. This 15 bar system has enabled a reduction in water consumption of some 40%. Mr Schulz, head of the sewage treatment plant, says he is very pleased with „his“ WinklePress Green: „With the WinklePress we achieve the best dewatering results while saving operating costs“, he said