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New Bellmer VAAHTO Headbox and TopFormer for Nine Dragons
Bellmer Vaahto has supplied a dilution controlled headbox and top-former for a packaging board production line at Nine Dragons Xingan Pulp & Paper (Inner Mongolia) Ltd, near the borders of the Republic of Mongolia and Russia in north-eastern China.
All the equipment was manufactured in Bellmer Vaahto´s workshop in Hollola in Finland.
The headbox plays a vital role in the paper machine. The TURBOVaahtoJetter headbox feeds wood fibre and other raw materials into the wire section and as such determines most paper and board properties. Bellmer Vaahto’s advanced dilution control system ensures a consistent cross-directional paper web profile and good formation, and guarantees flawless converting in the corrugated box manufacturing line. The hybrid TURBOFormer removes water on the wire section upwards as well as downwards, and thus shortens the length of wire section and reduces two-sidedness of the paper web significantly.