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Another WinklePress for Velsen, Netherlands
For many years now, Bellmer dewatering technology has been operating successfully at Velsen’s water treatment plant in The Netherlands. The time had come, however, for two first generation WinklePresses to be replaced. Our Dutch subsidiary Solis won the order for the delivery of a WinklePress Green 2 KS with high-pressure dewatering zone – a unit considered state-of-the-art in the field of sludge dewatering. To achieve the best operational results, i.e. highest final dry solids contents with a belt filter press, requires a slowly increasing, smooth build-up of pressure on the sludge. In its latest form, the WinklePress concept with 6 dewatering stages is ideally suited to this purpose. This concept is particularly advantageous for sludges with low press stability and a high organic content, but also ensures better dewatering results with all types of sludge; higher final dry solids contents can be achieved thanks to the optimized roller configuration. The gradations of the rollers were completely revised, and the pressing time within the machine was substantially increased.
A big advantage of WinklePress Green sludge dewatering technology is the low operating costs (polymers, energy, water).
Solis installed the press, peripheral equipment and control system within a tight schedule and according to project leader Mr. Ed Stouthamer: “The WinklePress has now been in operation for quite some time and has been working to the customer’s full satisfaction.”