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The qualified dual training system
In Germany we operate a unique system known as dual training, which involves parallel training in companies and vocational colleges. Hands-on, professional skills are taught in the workplace, while vocational schools take care of the theory. The courses are closely coordinated to give the ideal combination of vocational training with practical experience from the outset. Dual training is one fundamental reason for the high quality products associated with “Made in Germany”. In other countries, training only takes place in college, leaving the trainee with no practical experience at the end of the course. Training has always been a high priority for Bellmer - many of our employees completed their training with us.

A good education also makes for much brighter career prospects. Many of our senior managers, including our purchasing manager, the logistics manager and all our master craftsmen, are products of Bellmer training and therefore appreciate fully the value of a good vocational education.
Currently, 19 trainees are undergoing training at Bellmer. We train industrial mechanics, cutting machine operators, technical product designers as well as industrial clerks. Bellmer emphasizes training on modern machines.
We will continue to train the specialists of tomorrow, because only with highly qualified staff can we manufacture our range of machines and equipment.