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Bellmer WinklePress Green for Modern Karton, Turkey
Modern Karton is owned by Turkey’s Eren Holding and is among Europe’s six largest producers of corrugated base papers.
The mill located in Çorlu, about 90 km west of Istanbul, is one of the most modern sites in Turkey.
Since 2006, two Bellmer WPN-I 4 WinklePresses have been providing reliable dewatering of mixed sludge at the site.

In the process of increasing PM 5’s production capacities, the mill’s sewage treatment plant will also be enlarged.
The German general contractor responsible for the expansion of the sewage treatment plant has specified a further WinklePress Green 4 I due to the very positive experience already gained at Çorlu with Bellmer’s dewatering technology.
In order to reach higher dry solids contents, the press section will be provided with a high-pressure section. The WinklePress, with a wire width of 2.2 m, dewaters a mix of primary sludge, flotation sludge, water treatment sludge and biological sludge.
It is this flexibility in processing different types of sludge the really distinguishes the WinklePress.

The Bellmer BMU mixing unit for reduction of polymer consumption is also included in the supply.

The press will be delivered in the second half of 2014.