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New: Bellmer JetCoater for Spremberg
Hamburger Rieger GmbH forms part of Hamburger Containerboard. One of the leading European manufacturers of corrugated base papers, the company has a production capacity of 1.7 million tons/year of high-quality corrugated base papers across various locations. Hamburger Rieger’s management is now investing heavily in its Spremberg mill in Brandenburg.

With its product line SpreeWhite, Spremberg paper mill is quality leader in the white corrugated base papers segment. With a total investment of 18 million Euros, paper machine # 1 will be modified for the production of coated white testliner (white top testliner), which will enable an extension of the product portfolio in terms of quality. Hamburger Rieger is particularly keen on innovative technology, so it should come as little surprise that Bellmer was awarded the order for the paper machine # 1 upgrade. Bellmer will supply the TURBOCombiCoater coating unit, which combines proven technology with the highest level of reliability. It is the only jet coater on the market to feature separate base displacement for clear adjustability. The particularly large nozzle opening makes the coater quick and easy to clean. The scope of delivery also includes new parts for the pre-dryer section and the dissolving pulper ahead of the sizer.

A hard-nip calender will ensure the pre-calendering and profiling of the paper web. Pre- and post-dryer sections will be re-configured, too, using the expertise of Bellmer subsidiaries Lang and Hafner. Hafner will make the necessary changes to the air/hood systems, while Lang will upgrade the steam and condensate system to the latest technology. Existing elements such as the soft-nip calender and the pope reelerwill be relocated. Bellmer has total responsibility for engineering, project management, dismantling, erection, start-up and training of personnel.

Andreas Noss, Managing Director of Hamburger Rieger GmbH, said: “We chose Bellmer since they offered the most convincing overall package. That included – right from the offer phase – detailed engineering work way beyond what one would normally expect. We have also come to appreciate Bellmer as a reliable and competent partner over the course of quite a number of rebuild projects which they have undertaken at our second location in Germany (Trostberg paper mill in Bavaria).”