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Another WinklePress for Erft Water Authority
Located to the west of Cologne, Erft Water Authority is committed to research into strategies for groundwater, flood protection and waste water treatment. Currently 40 municipal sewage treatment plants belong to the association, including the sewage treatment plant for the city of Euskirchen-Kessenich.

The centrifuge at the facility had become costly and time-consuming to maintain over the years, and a modern, cost-effective alternative was sought. The concept of the WP Green 3 proved convincing, particularly as optimum dewatering results had already been demonstrated on-site with the mobile test unit. But the decision in favour of the WinklePress was motivated above all by the unit’s economic and reliable operation based on optimized process engineering, state-of-the-art wire technology and an energy-efficient motor.
This was backed up by the experience of the municipal sewage treatment plant in the city of Bornheim, also connected to the Erft Water Authority, where a WinklePress has been providing optimum sludge dewatering for several years.

Euskirchen’s WP Green size 3, to-gether with a conveyor, pumps and a flocculent preparation unit, has been in operation since May last year. It has proved itself highly reliable and effective at dewatering, while also being economical to operate.