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Kill two birds with one stone: Clarification and excess sludge thickening combined in one
The German city of Springe operates three sewage treatment plants. The main sewage treatment plant of Bennigsen, which has been in operation since 1988, cleans the wastewater of the city’s Bennigsen, Gestorf and Lüdersen districts and is designed to serve approximately 12,000 inhabitants.
The subsequent clarification was increasingly being overloaded during periods of heavy rain, so to relieve it, approximately a third of the process flow from the biological treatment was diverted to a TurboDrain™ TDN belt thickener. The special feature of this set-up is that the filtrate can be conducted directly into the receiving area according to water requirements.
The suitability of such a system was already proven in various industrial wastewater treatment plants, but this was a first for municipal wastewater treatment technology. In tests carried out over several weeks on the sewage treatment plant, the filtrate led directly to the receiving waters had to be checked especially in terms of sensitive parameters such as filtratable substances, nitrogen, chemical oxygen demand (COD) and phosphorus.

A particularly important factor behind the customer’s decision was that even biological sludge could be thick-ened with the TDN in dry weather, as has already been achieved with the TurboDrain™ Green 08 at Springe’s municipal sewage treatment plant. After successful testing, Bellmer received an order to supply a TDN belt thickener.

As an alternative to the TurboDrain an additional clarifier would have had to be built. Instead, the installation of the TDN system meant investment cost savings in the region of EUR 1.5 million! Approval was granted in October 2013, since when the plant has worked to the operator’s complete satisfaction.

Dieter Erdmann, head of the city of Springe’s civil engineering department reflects on the results: „The installation was successful for us in many ways. The TDN is able to thicken the sludge and supports the subsequent clarification in the operation. This reduces the cost, which is good news for tax payers!“