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TurboDrain Basic Economic thickening for low-quantity throughputs
The TurboDrain Basic compact belt thickener was specially developed for sewage treatment plants with low throughput volumes and limited space for the sludge thickening process. In addition to its proven Bellmer technology, the TurboDrain Basic offers minimal operating costs, a small footprint as well as simple operation, maintenance and cleaning.

The operating team at Winnenden-Buchenbachtal’s sewage treatment works in the south of Germany has been able to appreciate these advantages first hand. The plant thickens 130 m3 excess sludge every day using a TD Basic. Heinz Klein, sewage treatment specialist, is more than satisfied with the new belt thickener: “Thanks to the excess sludge thickening capability of the Bellmer unit, the adjustment of the DS contents in the activated sludge basin to the desired weight is a quick, problem-free operation.

In addition, there is no activated sludge output upon hydraulic overload in the primary clarifier.”