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Paper Industry = “green industry”?
Still in the 70/80 years, the paper industry was criticized by some environmental groups. The cutting down of forests, a high water consumption as well as high energy costs were denounced. The paper industry has taken this to heart and has reached almost revolutionary facts in recent decades.

Some details: Thanks to a nearly unique high recycling rate forest consumption could be reduced strongly. In Germany the use of recycled paper in the production of paper and packaging is already about 70 %. The fibres during paper manufacturing are prepared again. This also decreases the energy consumption in production process. The recycling of waste paper fibers is significantly more efficient than the production of papers with so-called virgin fibres. The paper industry is still an energy-intensive industry, but the companies strongly invested in heat recovery systems and energy-saving processes. Great progress has been made in water consumption. The consumption of formerly 30 l / t paper fell on 7 l / t paper thanks to closed water cycles and modern wastewater treatment plants.

Bellmer supports the paper industry of course on the way to the green industry: the shoe press TURBOPress helps to save energy. Water cycles can be reduced with the TurboDrain.