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The Bellmer Cascade reduces disposal costs at UMP Plattling
The paper mill at Plattling in southern Germany is regarded as one of the leading facilities in Europe for the production of wood-containing coated and uncoated papers.

The operation of the mill’s sewage treatment plant is to be further expanded in a project funded by the Ministry of environment. To reduce pollution sustainably, a third stage with ozone treatment has been installed in the existing wastewater treatment plant with downstream bio filtration.

This means that the existing sludge dewatering needs to be expanded.

The secondary sludge resulting from paper production is disposed of by composting, but this is costly. Until now, the dewatering of this sludge required the mixing in of a high proportion of primary sludge. The customer‘s ambition is to increase the dry content of the final sludge, but with only a small addition of primary sludge.

Working together with UPM Plattling’s project team, Bellmer wasted no time testing the technological suitability of WinklePress for the site. Bellmer has now delivered a Cascade, consisting of a size 5 TurboDrain Green and a size 4 WinklePress Green. These two units allow sludge to be drained at a rate of up to 160 m³/h. The TurboDrain thickens the sludges in different compositions and throughputs, before they are dewatered with the WinklePress. The roll configuration of the WinklePress is specially adapted to this kind of sludge.

Bellmer’s technologies ensure reliable drainage for every operating situation.