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Better paper with the TURBOShaker
Arctic Paper Munkedals is located approximately 100 km north of Gothenburg in Munkedal (meaning monks’ valley) on the Örekil River, known for being rich in salmon. Arctic Paper Munkedals is one of the leading European manufacturers of uncoated papers.

The company decided to order a Bellmer TURBOShaker for the high-frequency shaking of breast rolls, in order to secure a sustainable improvement in paper formation.

CD profile improvement and fiber orientation optimization are both achieved through the movement of the breast roll. In addition, tensile strength of the paper is enhanced and printability improved. The shaking frequencies of the electrical drive can be varied infinitely up to 10 Hz, which means shaking distances up to 25 mm can be reached. Another advantage is the low energy consumption at high power density. Thanks to the compact design, the TURBOShaker occupies a small footprint and is therefore perfectly suited for retrofitting on paper machines. Arctic Paper is very pleased with its TURBOShaker.

The original targets have been comfortably surpassed, and formation quality has been improved due to the TURBOShaker installation.