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Efficient production with the TURBOFilmSizer
Cartulinas CMPC, a subsidiary of the Chilean CMPC group, has awarded our Spanish daughter company Bellmer Ibérica an order for the supply of a TURBOFilmSizer and the rebuild of the pre- and post-dryer sections on PM 1 in its Valdivia mill for the production of high quality folding box.

The mill’s products are sold both on the domestic and export markets. The installation of a TURBOFilmSizer offers great paper making advantages compared with a conventional size press. The proportion of solids is considerably higher, and the application of starch is more even, resulting in better paper web runnability and thus in a reduction in breaks. The higher solids content means less water has to be evaporated in the post dryer section. This leads to lower energy consumption and allows the number of drying cylinders to be reduced.

The post dryer section of CMPC Valdivia can be scaled down through the integration of a TURBOFilmSizer.
The pre-dryer section will be fitted with additional drying cylinders, resulting in a speed increase as well as a boost to capacity.