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LANG-HAFNER presents new electronically-controlled condensate pick-up stations
he key innovation on the electronically-controlled condensate pick-up stations is a re-designed PLC system (mini PCS) with a 12” touch screen through which the condensate pick-up stations, with their associated pressure control circuits, can be controlled.

The condensate pick-up stations, developed by Lang-Hafner, can provide their standard volume capacity through a differential pressure of 0.5 bar (plus geodetic height). The accumulated condensate is fed from a high-pressure container via a high-pressure condensate pump direct to the tank, which prevents re-evaporation.

It is possible to heat individual pressure control circuits in an energy-efficient manner thanks to the use of separate pressure control circuits for heating the corrugated and press-on rolls, as well as for the pre-heating of the plates and preparers.
All control circuits are equipped with a heating ramp for gentle heating of the individual groups. The PLC system comes with Ethernet as well as CAN bus interface, and can be specified with a profibus interface and used as a slave system.

A USB interface 2.0 is available to secure and input the operating parameters. Where the PLC system is connected to the process network, it is possible to call off the processes via explorer at any PC.