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TurboDrain Green supports sustainable production at Leiber GmbH
Sustainability will remain a focus for all production processes for the foreseeable future. Leiber GmbH of Bramsche, northern Germany, has been a leading producer of specialist yeast products for more than 50 years. The by-products of brewing - brewer’s yeast and draff - are modified to highquality yeast extracts which are used in pet food, food and bio technology as well as the health sector. As such, Leiber’s activities are very much in line with the principles of

The commissioning of the TurboDrain Green 08 for the thickening of excess sludge will serve further to enhance the energy-efficiency of the process. Thanks to its energy-saving motor, the unit needs little energy. Its flow-optimized inlet and the special nanotech screen reduce polymer requirements.

Leiber carried out the installation more than six months, and its project manager Markus Moeller said:
“The operating stability and low maintenance requirements, even in 24hm continuous operation, have yielded impressive figures and reduced disposal costs”.